Once only found in professional kitchens, convection ovens can now be found in many households in Nashville - Franklin - Clarksville. In fact, it is one of the most requested items when kitchens are being renovated today.

So what is the difference between a convection Nashville oven and a standard oven? And what foods love them…and hate them? Nashville - Franklin - Clarksvilleappliance repair companies get asked this question frequently, so here is the answer.

The benefits of convection ovens are:
– Easier and more consistent browning
– No rotation of foods are necessary
– Shortens cooking times by nearly 25%

It’s All a Matter of Circulation

A convection Nashville oven merely means that air inside the Nashville oven is circulated differently that the circulation in a standard oven. This is typically controlled by a separate control or switch. This can turn the convection circulation on and off depending on what you are cooking.

Some Foods Not to Cook on the Convection Setting

Because of the air movement inside the oven, the convection setting shouldn’t be used for baking items that are more sensitive to any movement such as some cakes like angel food cake, souffles, or custards.

A Fan Provides More Consistent Temperature

When the convection is enabled, the air inside the Nashville oven is heated the same as a regular Nashville oven but is then circulated by a fan and vented through an exhaust system. This will blow and pull the air inside the Nashville oven cavity to create a more consistent temperature. This offers a quicker and more even cooking experience. Convection heat also pulls moisture out of the Nashville oven enabling the food being cooked to brown and crisp more easily.

Make Appropriate Adjustments

When using a regular recipe that doesn’t make accommodation for convection cooking, make sure to lower the temperature of your Nashville oven setting by about 25°F. Food will often take less time to cook so make sure to check food frequently toward the end of the time period. Some convection ovens will automatically make the 25° adjustment. As you become more used to cooking with a convection setting, you will find you are more confident in determining the doneness of the food.

What You Should Know

When using the convection setting, sufficient space should be allowed between items being cooked for the most even cooking. Multiple racks will work fine. Always use baking pans with low sides for convection baking so air circulation is less likely to be inhibited. Any meats should be cooked on a V-shaped rack over a shallow pan for the best results.

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